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Fantastic Renewable Energy Investment  

Offering excellent returns 

Introducing a 1 year high performing investment opportunity with Guaranteed Returns  
Suitable for Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors  
Privately owned UK business and subsiduary of a group who have identified a need for a greener future and have purchased a Gas Peaking Plant in South Wales 
This is a 12 month Investment opportunity 
Guaranteed Returns as there is a Power Purchase Agreement which is a legal contract already secured for a period of for 30 
Key stake holders involved bring extensive expertise and knowledge 
Open to High net worth Individuals, Sophisticated Investors and Companies 
Open and transparant 

Asset Backed Security 

A Debenture is held over all the Company Assets are overseen and held by an FCA Regulated Trustee to provide liquidity. With a Corporate Guarantee on capital invested this investment has been ratified and backed by the Government and been identified as a Project of National Significance by the Welsh Assembley. 
As a nation we are moving away from large scale coal and gas burning power plants and replacing them with renewable technologies. 
In 2010, 23% of electricity was generated from coal. In March 2017 this was 2%. 
Most forms of renewable electricity generation exhibit uncontrolled increases (or decreases) in output. The national challenge is to maintain the constant supply. 
A full Dilligence pack is available 
This information is not an offer or solicitation. it is against all regulations to provide indicative terms or earnings prior to completing compliance. Only Official Facilitators can have the final word in terms of accuracy of information relative to what clients provide & the service/program allocated  

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