Important to consider: 
All investors should consider the following: 
Investment can only be made on the basis of the final investment documentation sent to investors. The above notes contain generic statements relating to the usual processes and methods adopted by the investment company and its group of companies, and are not definitive of all investment opportunities offered. In the case of any doubt, please refer the final investment pack of documentation to an appropriately qualified independent financial advisor experienced in assessing investments of this type. All investments carry risks, and investors may not receive their money back. The value of investments can go down as well as up. 
Investments with the Company are subject to risks relating to the availability of the relevant tax incentives for end-buyers, risks in relation to development activities (such as unforeseen planning difficulties, risks that contractors employed within the development fail to complete the contracted work on time, on budget, or at all, and risks of unforeseen difficulties arising within the refurbishment process which may affect the investment, such as the discovery of environmental issues or invasive species which only become apparent after acquisition of the property in question), risks of solvency in relation to the investment vehicles and the Company offering the investment and risks of human error (including, without limitation, errors within the due diligence process in relation to property acquisition) and / or the unavailability of suitable staff within the investment company or its group of companies. 
Investments will be made within or via special purpose vehicles carrying limited liability. In the event of failure of any such particular investment vehicle, investors in that vehicle are not guaranteed a return by any other part of the investment company group of companies or by any other person, and have no recourse other than to the underlying value of the property vested in the particular investment vehicle. This property may have no, or limited, value, depending upon the stage within the development cycle at which any failure occurs (for instance, and without limitation, the relevant property may have been acquired on the assumption that specific planning permissions were likely to be granted and such permissions may not be forthcoming, or may carry restrictions beyond those originally envisaged, and the absence of such permissions may adversely impact the value of the property. Forced sale of a property is likely to realise less than its unrestricted market value. 
The investment opportunity is an unregulated investment. This means that when clients choose to avail of this opportunity, they are investing in a scheme that is not authorised or approved within the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Clients do not have the protection of the FCA’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme or access to the Financial Ombudsman. 
The investment opportunity is only suitable for certain categories of investor who are sufficiently knowledgeable about the risks involved and can afford to lose all or part of their investment. All investors are responsible for undertaking their own due diligence and investigations in respect of the opportunity and in satisfying themselves that they are comfortable with the associated risks. 
Potential investors are advised to take whatever professional advice they deem appropriate, and should, without limitation, seek advice from an Independent Financial Advisor authorised by the FCA to give advice in respect of this type of investment before deciding whether to proceed with their investment. 

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